Why HomeMax Memphis

Focus Brings Excellence

Greenway Home Services is now two companies bringing sharper focus to your specific service needs.

Our philosophy is the key to success over the past decade. Our mission remains the same: treat you how you want to be treated. We started with one man running service out of his truck to provide for his family.

Whit Greenway started as a service technician in Memphis in 1978. As a young man, his knowledge of the trade and people skills, set him up for success. He showed up when he said he was going to, always did what he said he would, and kept his promises. Like the one he made to his daughter, Whitney: if she put in the work, she could one day run the company. And, today, she and her husband Devin do.

HomeMax Memphis By Greenway Is Born

Ultimately, the demands of providing top-notch warranty claims support and appliance repair brought us to a fork in the road. It made more sense to divide our Greenway Home Services into separate divisions.

Mister Greenway delivers full service plumbing, heating and air conditioning services. Meanwhile, HomeMax Memphis by Greenway,staffed by the same professionals who’ve earned your trust over the years, will be laser focused on the unique service requirements of warranty claims support and appliance repair.